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Relaxing Massage

Sports Therapy by

Jacqueline Baugh

Allow me to introduce myself, recently joined, Sports/Corrective Therapist & Reflexologist to Face By Brown.

In respect of where I see my services fitting, long term and ongoing pain or indeed once an injury or illness has been diagnosed, assessed, treated, followed by rehabilitation what is the next step with regards to maintaining good body balance or Homeostasis.  Do we in fact wait until another injury or illness occurs or the original injury/illness reoccurs, or do we take a proactive preventative approach? I hear so often that clients have had various treatments, that either helped initially but then returned so they gave up and just “Put Up with the Pain” or that they paid huge amounts of money for therapy that didn’t work at all, sadly this is all too common and one of the reasons I actually became a therapist myself.

This is where the combination of treatments I am skilled in comes into play. Over my 26 years I have developed treatment plans tailored to every client, based upon history of injury or illness ,other treatments or medical care they currently or have received, how they present to me on the day of treatment, using a combination of or standalone therapy ,these serve as a means of balancing the body’s natural healing strategies to allow all treatments received to have  much more effective, speedier and lasting result, there for allowing the individual to not only recover and heal faster and more effectively but serves as a preventative approach to what essentially is a machine….

I have found over my career that when our client or patients have a clear understanding as to the mechanics of their body they tend to be more proactive with their recovery, so I came up with this very simple, but effective way to describe how we all essentially operate.

If we take an engine for example with all its component parts, if we maintain them, lubricate(water) fuel (nutrition) fix when broken(medical intervention/surgery) Service(Physio, Sports Therapy, Gym, Training) MOT( my treatment plan)  the engine (Body) runs more efficiently and breaks down less often, where component parts are damaged and replaced( injury to, structure, ligaments, tendon and muscle) we know  there is a history to be aware of, so we check to ensure they are running effectively( this is where the consultation and history play a huge part in our treatment plan) the body is a highly tuned machine outputting electrical responses (neurological/nerve receptors) that let us know if something is not right, this much like that of an engine warning light, alerts us to a fault and where it may be coming from, therefor allowing us to respond accordingly with whatever treatment necessary( medical intervention or therapy)

We are all too aware of the costs we incur when it comes to sickness or injury , so it is vital that we operate at our optimal potential, enabling us to work and live pain free, by  maintaining our health and wellbeing by means of a natural treatment plan to prevent as much as possible, injuries or illness that occur when the body is out of balance allowing us to intercept and correct in advance, taking a preventative approach to wellbeing.

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